Kingfisher readers Level 2: Where We Live


32 pages, Ages 5-8

Kingfisher Readers L2: Where We Live by Brenda Stones and Thea Feldman

Come along on a global journey to examine the fascinating array of places and spaces that people call home. Beginning with the basic idea of shelter, readers examine the wide variety of climates, materials, and geography where humans choose to live, from an amazing mountaintop palace in Yemen to the canals of Venice, houses on stilts, caravans, yurts and more, readers will emerge from this book with new vocabulary-houseboat, shutters, thatch-and a newfound appreciation for the home they call their own.

LEVEL 2: BEGINNING TO READ ALONE Simple and engaging, with plenty of interest and repetition. Vocabulary is easy and familiar, and sentences are mainly short and simple.

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